by Glutton



«Scamander»: A poppier, more playful and lighter song than its two predecessors, with elements of afro-pop, polyrhythms and disco, but with a sombre theme: The third part of the Outliers series is about fighting powers larger than yourself. The Greek river god Scamander represents both the primal forces of nature and the chaos that at any point can well up over your life and pull you under. But as the Greek myths show, you can always choose to fight, even if not heroically. What separates those who get caught in a whirlpool and drowned from those who manage to cling to a rock or a piece of wood and scramble onto dry land before the harshest rapids? Even given its tragic theme, the song insists that it is never too late: Maybe it’s better to break up when you see the current catching speed, and swim as fast as you can to an unknown bank.


released August 11, 2016



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Glutton Oslo, Norway

A post-prog quartet combining well-wrought lyrics with accomplished musicianship to create atmospheric, exploratory and full- bodied pieces of music. The band members come from various musical backgrounds, and drawing on a wide range of styles and expressions, from 70s prog heroes to jazz, classical minimalism and modern alt-rockers, they have developed an idiosyncratic and substantial style. ... more

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